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before you go.

There is a lot to see in Delhi, below are some of the distractions your are lightly to want to see during your stay in Delhi.


Most of the main attractions have NO ADMISSION FEE which is a plus for those's on a budget.


Raj Ghat

The ghats - steps leading down to the water - mark the cremation sites of the leaders and freedom fighters of India. Nowadays, they are situated in a landscaped park, complete with ornamental lake. The most popular, Raj Ghat, is a simple square platform of  black marble, where Mahatma Gandhi was cremated, after his assassination in 1948. Pilgrims come to touch the petal-strewn platform (samadhi) with reverence and emotion and, every Friday evening and on the anniversaries of his birth and death (2 October and 30 January), prayers are held in remembrance. Nearby are memorials to Indira Gandhi and to her son, Rajiv, both of whom were assassinated.Ring Road.

Opening hours: Daily dawn-dusk.

Admission: Free.


Gandhi Memorial Museum

Adjacent to Raj Ghat is the Gandhi Memorial Museum, where the visitor can see a fascinating display of photographs illustrating the Mahatma's life and death. There is a large collection of Gandhi memorabilia, from toothpicks to spinning wheels, via the clothes he was supposedly wearing at his assassination. Among the bon's mots about Gandhi, which are inscribed on the walls, is G.B. Shaw's reflection that the Mahatma's murder 'shows how dangerous it is to be too good.' Ring Road, opposite Raj Ghat.

Opening hours: Tues-Sun 0930-1730.- Admission: Free.


Lodhi Gardens

An oasis of shaded calm, the Lodhi Gardens are a popular and relaxing place in which to escape the heat and clamour of Delhi. The gardens are extensive and boast a fine collection of tropical shrubs and trees. There is even a formal rose garden. There are also a number of monuments of the Lodhi Sultanate (1451-1526), including the Shish Gumbad, the Bara Gumbad and the Tomb of  Mohammed Shah, all fine specimens of the Lodhi style.South-central New Delhi. Opening hours: Daily dawn-dusk. Admission: Free.


Delhi Ridge and the Civil Lines

Delhi Ridge, overlooking Old Delhi, was the centre of the British position for the siege of the city, during the Mutiny of 1857. On its southern scarp, is the Mutiny Memorial, an ugly neo-Gothic tower commemorating those who took part in the fighting. Higher up the Ridge is one of Ashoka's Pillars (third century BC), which was brought to Delhi by Feroz Shah and repaired and re-erected here by the British, in 1867.

The Civil Lines, nestling below the Ridge, are where the British lived before the construction of New Delhi in the 1920s. Delhi Ridge. Opening hours: Daily 24 hours. Admission: Free.


Haus Khaz

Haus Khaz boasts an impressive collection of ruins, the most important of which are the Tomb of Feroz Shah (died 1388) and the neighbouring - and contemporary - madrasa (college). It was originally the site of the 50-hectare (125-acre) reservoir built by Aladdin (died 1316) to supply his citadel. Haus Khaz Village houses a number of trendy boutiques, galleries and restaurants.

Haus Khaz Opening hours: Daily dawn-dusk.. Admission: Free.


National Railway Museum

This is a small museum of railway memorabilia, including the skull of an elephant killed when it collided with a mail train in Bengal, in 1894. But the principal glory of the National Railway Museum is the open-air display of old steam locomotives and rolling stock. Particularly interesting are the 'special' carriages belonging to British and Indian grandees, such as the Viceregal dining car, the Maharaja of Mysore's personal train, which comprised both sleeping and day compartments, and the Gaekwar of Baroda's Saloon, with its ornate gold and enamel ceiling. Also on display is the last steam engine to see service on the Indian railways - as recently as 1995 - and the first electric-powered engine to do so - as long ago as the 1930s.Chanakyapuri . Tel: (011) 688 0939.

Opening hours: Tues-Sun 0930-1700 (Oct-Mar); Tues-Sun 0930-1900 (Apr-Sep).

Admission: Rs10

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