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Through a sweltering bazaar with each vendor crying out louder than the next, clamoring through a sweaty crowd, a beggar tugs at your shirt as the sticky stench of the city pierces your nostrils. Navigate your way across the road through a perennial traffic jam of blasting horns and angry shouts, and suddenly you’ll find yourself stepping through the trees into a deserted courtyard, flanked by gurgling ponds below the huge glittering dome of an ornately patterned mosque. Welcome to Delhi




This is Delhi, city of contrasts, where an elephant can overtake an overheated Italian sports car on the streets, where colonial mansion stands next to squatter slum, and where cows are revered, but musicians are labeled ‘untouchable’. The city’s pace is chaotic, yet fairly relaxed, and makes it ideal for exploring. You’re certain to be confronted with some of the strangest sights you are ever likely to see anywhere.


With a long and troubled history, Delhi is full of fascinating temples, museums, mosques and forts, each with a distinct architectural style. In Old Delhi, visitors will find a charming selection of colorful bazaars and narrow winding alleys. In comparison, New Delhi – the city created to reflect the might of the British Empire – consists of tree-lined avenues, spacious parks and sombre-looking government buildings.


While Delhi itself could take a lifetime to explore, it’s also ideal as a base for visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra, and it provides the best links for travelling to the hill stations of the North

Delhi is Cosmopolitan city and Capital of India. It is the third largest city. Delhi is main starting point for North India.It is divided into two parts Old Delhi & New Delhi. The hub of the metropolis is Central New Delhi, an orderly plan of wide roads lined with sturdy colonial buildings which was established soon after the imperial capital of British India moved here in 1911. It is a planned city with wide streets,parks. Parliament House, India Gate President house, Old Fort, Humayun's Tomp,Quitab Minar& ZOO are in New Delhi.Old Delhi was capital between 17th & 19th centuries.In it you will find many mosques, forts & monuments relating to India's muslim history .Red Fort and Jami Masjid, India's largest mosque combined with the old city's bazaars.

Jaipur is five hours drive from Delhi.Agra is 3 hrs drive from Delhi..

Delhi celebrates Durga Puja is celebrated with same enthusiasm as Id is celebrated. The Guru Purab and Christmas carry the same colour as Diwali or Buddha Purnima.

The amalgamation of various cultures, traditions, religions has painted Delhi in color which are brought from all over India.

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