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Living in Delhi is cheap compared to most international cities.Generally in India everything is very cheap.  A meal in a local eatery costs less than 50p (honestly!) and there are plenty of superb fresh fruit and freshly squeezed fruit juices, like mango, pineapple and grape.  

Most attractions are ludicrously cheap to get to, particularly via the vast network of buses (full of character), and fast and streamlined express trains which connect the villages. The local passengers will all crowd around you to talk to "the foreigner", and offer you some interesting views on life.  


Below is a rough guide of some of the regular items you may need to buy.


One-litre bottle of mineral water Rs15-25


75cl bottle of beer Rs100


Financial Times newspaper Rs75


City-centre bus ticket Rs5-10


Adult Test Match cricket ticket Rs100-300


Three-course meal with wine/beer Rs500-700


Currency Exchange is around 100 Indian Rupee (Rs100) = £1.19; US$2.00; C$2.80; A$2.82; €1.73

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